Jazzbomb Guide for Brides

Having played for many, many wedding celebrations we have accumulated a wealth of experience and often find ourselves acting in a ‘wedding planner’ role – or certainly ‘wedding advisor’ role. So to help you on your special day we have decided to create a Jazzbomb Guide for Brides!

Feel free to use this as a helpful planner for your own day, or if you book Jazzbomb, it would be really useful for us if you downloaded this, filled in the potential timings and emailed it through to us.

Having a feel for the timings of your day really helps us know how to fit in best with what you are doing. We have discovered that part of giving you a fantastic evening celebration can depend on several other factors during the day. Outlined below are some of the components you may be thinking of having at your wedding and we have added in some warning flags and helpful suggestions along the way! Jot down potential timings for each part of your day as you go along.


Do you need musicians for the ceremony – a trumpeter for the entrance/exit of the bride, pianist, singer during the signing of the registers? Jazzbomb have often provided stunning musicians for wedding ceremonies.


This is often an opportunity for photos.

Drinks reception

Would you like some live jazz to set the atmosphere during your drinks reception? The clink of champagne glasses and live, gentle jazz is a great sound – it helps break the ice on arrival and avoids a potential sense of waiting around. Jazzbomb regularly provide jazz duos or trios for this point in the day.


This is often an opportunity for photos.

Receiving line?

Warning: this is a danger point for overrunning

Do the maths! Divide the time allowed in seconds by the amount of people and that will help you know how long each person has. i.e. 30 mins of receiving line = 1800 seconds divided by 150 guests = 12 seconds per person!!

Call guests for dinner

Warning: this is a danger point for overrunning

Call guests for dinner at least 15 minutes before you would like them sitting down.

Sit for dinner - possibly 1 and half hours

A gentle jazz pianist or piano and double bass can help increase the sense of sophistication during the meal without being intrusive to conversations.

Speeches - possibly 30 mins

Warning: this is a danger point for overrunning

Encourage speech-makers to keep their speech to 10 mins or plan otherwise if they have multimedia presentations to set up and present!

Cake cutting

People often cut their cake at this point.

Short 'breather' Break

A 30-45 minute break after the wedding breakfast and speeches finish and before the band starts playing is a good idea. It allows people to stretch their legs, have a smoke, order a drink, post mortem the speeches and makes them more keen to dance. It also allows time to greet evening guests. This is also good buffer time if other things overrun.

Warning: this is a danger point for overrunning

Does the room need to be turned around for evening celebrations to begin? Do tables need to be cleared up or packed away? Often this time isn’t factored in.

Jazzbomb can often play moodsetting background music through their PA system at this point.

Band 1st set - 1 hour suggestion

Make sure you have booked Jazzbomb to give you an explosive night of dancing you won’t forget. We mostly perform as a 5 piece band, but if space and budget fits you can go large and have the whole 8 piece band!

What will your first dance be? Discuss this with us, we have played many specific requests. Some couples have dance lessons and learn a specific dance routine. We can follow recordings bar for bar so that we play exactly what you’ve been practicing to.

Band break

In our break (minimum 15 mins) we can either play disco tunes for dancing or more mellow tunes through our PA system. You can send through as many requests as you like, even create your own playlist.


Warning: this is a danger point for overrunning

If you are having an evening buffet, make sure the staff time this well with the band’s performance. If the buffet is brought out while the band are playing or as the band start their second set, either the band or the buffet may be wasted.

Band 2nd set - 1 hour suggestion

Dance and sing while Jazzbomb bring out floor-filler after floor-filler and draw people to the height of a fantastic party!

Bride and Groom leave

The bride and groom may wish to leave at this point it often takes at least 15 mins to say your goodbyes. Why not discuss with us ways of making your departure special?

Disco tunes to dance the night away

Why book an expensive DJ as well as a band, when Jazzbomb bring their own PA and lights? We can also provide a DJ service. We have a whole catalogue of great party tunes to choose from or you can even provide your own playlist.

Guests leave tired and happy, nursing sore feet...